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The STARS Method

Good Girls Talk About Sex Podcast

with Leah Carey

Dr. Evelin Dacker explains the STARS method she created. It’s an easy-to-remember acronym that will help you begin conversations leading to great, consensual sex.


But I don’t want you to just get the theory behind the conversation, I want you to hear it in practice! So I invited my friend Ray to join me for a sample STARS conversation.

Seeing STARS:
A Stimulating Safer Sex Talk

TEDx Talks

Evelin Dacker at TEDxSalem

Dr. Dacker explores a new way to be communicative about sexuality to promote a healthier society and build better relationships with ourselves and others. Now more than ever we need a sexual paradigm shift and it starts by talking about it.

Integrative Disclosure

Something Positive For Positive People Podcast with Courtney Brame

We’re able to enter a relating situation with a conscious communication tool. As someone living with herpes, I know not everyone wants to relate at the level I’d like to. This conversation helps us figure that out soon so that we can move on and get our needs met sooner without investing heavily into someone we may not be compatible with. I appreciate Dr. Dacker’s tool as an integrative disclosure method. It also includes pieces of the conversation that are often left out of the sex conversation.

STARS Masterclass

with Dr. Evelin Molina Dacker

How the STARS Talk can change your life and the world around you.

Screen Shot 2022-10-31 at 5.44.43 PM.png

Dr. Birds-n-Bees: How Physicians Are Taking Up the Sex Ed Slack

With many schools offering limited or no sex ed, these doctors have taken on side gigs educating teens ― and a surprising number of older adults ― about sex, STIs, and the changes in sexuality in the US.

Shame, Power, and Your Doctor

Queer Relationships, Queer Joywith Keely Helmick & Melisa De Seguirant

What does the patriarchy look like in medicine? Why is it important to bring sexuality into the doctor’s office? How can you queer up your life? Hear it all on this episode of the Queer Joy Podcast; where two relationship therapists explore what it looks like to see joy in queer relationships.

They Talk Sex Podcast

with Elle Stanger

Got sexual health questions? Primary care physician and consent educator Dr Evelin Dacker has information and tips for people of all ages.

Ask a Doctor- Sexual Health Edition

Evelin Dacker, Physician, Pleasure Activist

"Leading Edge Love," host Sumati Sparks: This week, her guest is Evelin Dacker, Physician and Pleasure Activist  ( Sumati Sparks, The Open Relationship Coach, ( offers coaching sessions via video conferencing or telephone.

Sexual Safety in Non-Monogamy

Nope! We're Not Monogamous Podcast

with Ellecia Paine

In today’s episode I have the pleasure of speaking with Evelin Dacker.  We have a juicy conversation on creating sexual safety in non-monogamy.  She tackles the most asked questions from my listeners on STIs, new relationship energy and she breaks down STARS, and how she uses it to create healthy relationships and communication around sex.

Evelin Dacker is a sex-positive Integrative Family Medicine physician. She is active in creating a safe space for LGBTQIA youth and adults and helping people through illness, trauma, and life transitions towards finding balance and joy. In addition to practicing medicine, Evelin created the safer sex communication model STARS to help facilitate open and honest sex conversations. She is a consent and sex educator, sexual health activist and TEDx speaker (on STARS).


Minimizing Illness and the Transmission of Infections on Set: In Conversation with Evelin Dacker, MD

with Kristina Valentine

COVID-19 has brought conversations of health and safety in the workplace to the forefront. For those of us working in entertainment, we’ve become accustomed to sharing our vaccination cards and frequent testing, and good general practices like hand-washing and surface sanitization have become prioritized. I found myself thinking, what could a full examination of the risks associated with filming scenes including kissing or simulated sex look like? I wanted to consult with a medical doctor who aligned with my values to get my questions answered, so last week, I met with Dr. Evelin Dacker.

Evelin Dacker, MD and I speak about decolonizing the body, the importance of deculturating the language around relational communication, and the role of the STARS talk in these endeavors.

STARS with Dr. Evelin Dacker

Vaginas, Vulvas, and Vibrators Podcast

with Jordan D'Nelle

Dr. Evelin Dacker joins us for Sexual Health Awareness Month. She shares her STARS method for communicating about your sexual health. This tool is very helpful for having these conversations. I personally use this method to communicate about my sexual health.

Sexual Health with Dr. Dacker

Intimacy and Relationship Institute Podcast

with Tiffany Verhasselt

Guest Dr. Evelin Dacker discusses pleasure advocacy, with a deeper dive into the medical side of what is taught about sex versus how to make pleasure your own.

Dr. Evelin Dacker

Uncivilized Conversations Podcast

with Gabriella Noelle

Dr. Evelin Dacker dives in talking about sexual health needs within the medical world as well as socially, how we can evolve, and further proper education to breakdown shame and stigmas. We talk about how sexual health and awareness helps set boundaries, build healthy relationships, and where shame comes from so we can move past it in the future.


Meet the Doctor Who is Revolutionizing Sex Education in the United States

Dr. Evelin Dacker on Sex Positivity, Shameless STIs, Polyamory, and a Sex Ed Curriculum for the 21st Century


Sacred Sex Brain: How to Cultivate Consciousness in Bed

A Sacred Sexuality Rising Interview

with Dr. Evelin Dacker and Briana Cribeyer

Dr. Evelin Dacker speaks with Briana Cribeyer about sacred sex brain, STARS as a metaphor for communication, and reclaiming our relationship to ourselves.

Shameless Sex: It's All About Communication

Given Consent Podcast

with Jamie Cawelti

Dr. Evelin Dacker breaks down the reality of STI shame both in society and the medical field. Her work focuses on elevating the voices of people of color, and LGBT+ people in the sex positive community, and community at large. She not only teaches us how to talk about safer sex through her STARS talk, she also teaches facilitators to do it too!

Screen Shot 2022-10-31 at 5.36.44 PM.png

Risk Tolerance

Having a shared language about risk is an important part of being able to create a good social bubble. Dr. Evelin Decker’s Covid Care model offers a set of risk levels that you can begin to use to identify what kind of risks you are comfortable with–and what kinds of risks your potential bubble buddies are comfortable with.

You are only as safe as the biggest risk taker in your social bubble!


Honest conversations about risk tolerance are critical to creating a social bubble that respects the needs of everyone who is part of it.

We have a fantastic discussion on the misconceptions of STIs, viral vs. bacterial infections, empowering oneself, knowing your acceptable level of risk, bringing up sexual health with your doctor, and more. This is an educational discussion for all of us and information we’re excited to get out there!

Sex Talk with Evelin Dacker, M.D.

Integrative Psychiatry Review Podcast with Dr. Matthew Hicks

In this episode I speak with Dr. Evelin Dacker, executive director of SexPositive Portland. We discuss: Mission of SexPositive Portland. Why is sex important for our mental health or otherwise? What are the consequences of denying our sexual nature? How would one go about exploring their sexuality? Myth-busting: Porn leads to "deviance" Masturbation is for people who can't get laid. Polyamory is for sex addicts. BDSM and kink are unhealthy. How can someone who is single explore these things without a partner? What can a cis-gendered, straight, vanilla person learn from the queer/poly/kink community even if they have no interest in any of those lifestyles?

Sacred and Conscientious Comfort

Strange Bedfellows

with Elle Stanger and Jon

Dr Evelin Dacker owns her own practice, uses pronouns correctly, and recently quit performing circumcisions after twenty years. Meet her.

Untitled design.png

Sex Education and Sex Positive Healthcare with Dr. Evelin Dacker

XRAY in the Morning

with Mistress Viola and Mona Darling of Subrosa PDX

In celebration of International Women’s Day, XRAY is hosting Amplify Women, 12 hours of women focused programming to amplify the diverse voices and perspectives in our community. You’ll hear some of Portland’s most impactful community leaders, educators and artists tell their stories to educate and inspire change. You’re in for a treat – we’ve got a stacked bill and special editions of your favorite Friday shows.

With [...] Dr. Evelin Dacker, MD an advocate for sex positive healthcare.

In this episode of Good Girls Talk About Sex, we talk with Dr. Evelin Dacker, a cis-gender half-Mexican, half-Jewish polyamorous woman who is 53 years old. Evelin is a sex-positive physician in Eugene, Oregon and the CEO of Sex Positive Portland, an organization dedicated to understanding and exploring all aspects of human sexuality. She is also the creator of the STARS Talk, a format for talking about your sexuality and preferences so that we can ALL have more satisfying sexual encounters with both current and new partners.

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