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Dr. Evelin Dacker

I am a Board Certified Integrative and Holistic Family Physician who specializes in sexual health and consent. I have a unique approach to wellness by incorporating pleasure as an important aspect for healing trauma and illness. In addition to practicing medicine, I was the Executive Director of SexPositive Portland from 2018-2020. I teach other health care providers on sex-positivity, how to destigmatizing STIs, and have a more open attitude towards alternative sexual practices and relationship styles. In addition, hold workshops on consent and sexual communication geared toward young adults to help reduce sexual assault on college campuses

Dr. Dacker is available to hold workshops on Consent, Boundaries and teaching STARS.

You can contact Dr. Dacker via e-mail.

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The STARS Talk

Good Girls Talk About Sex Podcast

In this special bonus episode, Dr. Evelin Dacker explains the STARS method she created. It’s an easy-to-remember acronym that will help you begin conversations leading to great, consensual sex.
But I don’t want you to just get the theory behind the conversation, I want you to hear it in practice! So I invited my friend Ray to join me for a sample STARS conversation that you’ll get to hear about halfway through this episode.

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