STARS Masterclass

Uncivilized Conversations

Dr. Evelin Dacker dives in talking about sexual health needs within the medical world as well as socially, how we can evolve, and further proper education to breakdown shame and stigmas. We talk about how sexual health and awareness helps set boundaries, build healthy relationships, and where shame comes from so we can move past it in the future.

Meet the Doctor Who is Revolutionizing Sex Education in the United States

Medium Article by Sean Abramowitz

Shameless Sex:
Its all about consent

A conversation with Given Consent Podcast

The STARS Talk

Good Girls Talk About Sex Podcast

In this special bonus episode, Dr. Evelin Dacker explains the STARS method she created. It’s an easy-to-remember acronym that will help you begin conversations leading to great, consensual sex.
But I don’t want you to just get the theory behind the conversation, I want you to hear it in practice! So I invited my friend Ray to join me for a sample STARS conversation that you’ll get to hear about halfway through this episode.

TedX Salem - Seeing STARS