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The STARS Talk is a framework that helps one to have meaningful and intimate, consent-based discussions that are vital for healthy relationships​​​​​. 

Health education to liberate sexuality!

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STARS is a simple acronym that helps begin a conversation, leading to beautiful, consensual, connection.

STARS stands for:

  • Sexual Health and STI Status

  • Turn-Ons

  • Avoids

  • Relationship Intentions and Expectations

  • Safer Sex/Safety Needs

Individually, these subjects can be challenging to bring up out of the blue. It can be hard to determine when is the right time. So often we keep them to ourselves, or seemingly out of nowhere unload our needs as we blurt something out, non-intentionally and non-consensually. 

By using STARS, you have the opportunity to intentionally and consensually communicate to create a safe space with someone. 


So remember, take a deep breath, communicate from a place of your truth, and take that leap of faith for connection, and...

Make Time For The Talk!

Watch Here to Learn More


Dr. Evelin Molina Dacker Introduces The STARS Talk at TEDxSalem 

"Seeing STARS:A Stimulating Safer Sex Talk"

Dr. Molina Dacker explores a new way to be communicative about sexuality to promote a healthier society and build better relationships with ourselves and others. Now more than ever we need a sexual paradigm shift and it starts by talking about it.

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Stars Download


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DeSTIgmatize STIs:
Sexual Health, Knowledge and Liberation
by Dr. Evelin Molina Dacker

Download E-Book
+ Video Course

A sex-positive, trans and nonbinary inclusive, STI informational handbook based on anatomy and behaviors, NOT on gender or sexual orientation.

***With purchase, you will receive this 88 page handbook PLUS 8 videos on:

  • HSV

  • HPV

  • Gonorrhea

  • Chlamydia

  • HIV

  • STI Prevention

and More!

In the thank you page of the checkout, you will receive a link to download both a printer-friendly pdf and access to all videos, along with an emailed link that will last for 30 days.***

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